Friday, August 13, 2010

Family in the Scene

Every single Melbourne Leather Dinner that has taken place so far (which is 11 of them!), I have either been sick, broke, or out of town. It's very frustrating.

This week has been especially frustrating, because it seems that by having the plague I missed not just a great night, but I missed witnessing a vest being gifted, AND I missed an opportunity to "just bump into" my boy's uncle, who is a leather man visiting from Adelaide.

I have previously "just bumped into" this uncle... on It was, surprisingly, not awkward at all. I sent him a message saying "I feel strange knowing you're on here and you not having the same information about me, so hello! I'm dating your nephew." He replied back with a lovely, welcoming message that was probably one of the nicest interactions I've ever had with the boy's family.

The boy's family... don't really like me. They tolerate me. So I've sort of latched onto this uncle as a part of the boy's family that I feel I can relate to, someone who I can get along with and not feel too strange interacting with. The fact that he is a part of the Leather community only makes this easier for me.

I know a lot of people with family in the scene, and while some people are weirded out by the concept, I don't think it's strange at all. No relationship is created equally, and that includes familial relationships. It's not surprising that there are plenty of people out there who share a similar lifestyle to their parents, so why is it surprising when it comes to alternative sexuality?


  1. if this isn't an unwelcome Q, what is the symbolism/weight of a vest being gifted?

  2. It depends, as it changes from family to family, but generally it's in recognition of service to the community and being an excellent Leather person :)