Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I haven't forgotten you, blog!

Boy broke his arm, and I've been run off my feet looking after him for the last couple of weeks. Hence the radio silence.

Yesterday I ran a rope workshop for beginners, it was okay. I'm out of practise at teaching, so it'll take a bit before I get back into the swing of it, I think. Folks who came seemed to enjoy themselves, though - I've gotten some lovely feedback.

I'm still absolutely knackered, so I'll just leave it there for now - hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow to write a proper entry.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy busy busy

It's been a busy week or so! I've barely had time to think let alone blog, and boy do I have a lot of thoughts that I'll slowly let trickle out of my brain in the coming weeks.

Stuff that's happened in the last week or so:

* Two play parties, Chains Feat. Newbie Night and Provocation.

* The 1st Melbourne Fetish Awards.

* Melbourne Leather Dinner.

* First meeting of a local alternative pornography production team.

* Big Talks with the boy.

and probably more.

So I have a lot going on, but I've been faaarrrrr too fucked to write about it. But I'll start doing that soon. :)

In the meantime, my 100th post is coming up soon and I feel like I should do something special, but I have no idea what. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Toy!

The boy's chastity device arrived today! World record speed delivery from extreme restraints. I must say that I really enjoy their service and products. Even when posting to Australia things arrive quickly.

I opened it up and had a look. It's VERY shiny. I like it a lot.

I left it out on the table for when boy got home.

He came home and I made a big deal of showing it to him. Also, I told him that he wasn't allowed to touch it.

So I left it there, occasionally stroking it. I enjoy this form of torment. This thing that the boy wants so badly is right there in front of him, but he's not allowed to have it. To make it worse, it's something most people would run away from. I laughed and told him how lucky he is, that the device isn't on him, that he's allowed to have as many orgasms as he wants at the moment... because I'm so nice, you see, that's why the chastity device is just sitting there, not being on him.

There's a few aspects to this. One, of course, the boy is very much into chastity. But the more important thing is that the bird cage is a new toy, and whenever anyone gets a new toy they want to play with it. Having it just sit there, completely within reach but forbidden, is pretty much torture for the boy. But it's fun for me!

I was going to let him try it on before bed, but only if he wanted it badly enough. After the world's WORST begging, I decided that he really doesn't want it that badly. So he's gone to bed without touching it.

I'll be taking it into my room tonight, just to make sure he doesn't get any funny ideas about touching it tomorrow morning. :P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bird Cage Chastity Device

So my plans for my anniversary gift for the boy fell through, so I moved on to another plan. A couple of days ago I ordered him a bird cage chastity device, from extreme restraints.

We already own a cb6000, but it's too small for him, and it pinches his foreskin badly. I knew this was going to happen when he bought it, and I told him so, but he insisted it would be okay. :P Let it be a lesson: Daddy is always right.

But, this time *I* am the buyer, not the boy, so I got to actually do measurements and figure things out, and I'm pretty confident that it will actually be comfortable for him to wear.

Also, the bird cage design is the only chastity device I've seen of which I actually enjoy its aesthetic appeal. Most chastity devices I find very boring to look at at best, and ugly at worst. The bird cage is attractive to look at, which is a huge plus in my book.

I find it funny that the boy is generally seen to be fairly light in regards to kink, because he is not into pain. He is into sensation and service and chastity and orgasm denial and tickling. All completely common kinks, but for some reason it gives the impression that he's not 'serious' about kink.

Don't get me wrong, I tease him about being a pansy all the time, but I think people forget that pansies are beautiful, delicate flowers that give us pleasure to have and look at.

But anyway, I think a lot of people think of us as a vanilla couple first, because they know I am soft on him in many ways - and sure, I am, in many ways, but not in all ways. I push him in many areas, I challenge him and yes, I do mean things to him. Just because they are not traditionally sadistic things doesn't make them any less awesomely mean.

Example. When I reach towards his mid section he automatically startles and tries to deflect, because surprise!tickles are a frequent occurrence. Mind fucks become easy, all I have to do is rest my hand over his ribs gently and not tickle him, it freaks him out.

Chastity, too, is an interesting one. People are all "oh yeah, chastity, whatever", but when I tell people that boy went an entire year without an orgasm their eyes go wide and it's like they've suddenly realized that you can be hardcore at anything.

You can be hardcore at anything.

But more importantly, why the fuck does it matter?

Don't get me wrong, I'm an edge player, and I love it. But I don't like that people think 'soft' fetishes somehow make people less serious players. It doesn't.

Anyway, little tangent there, sorry.

Back onto chastity. I didn't know I was into chastity until I agreed to help the boy explore his chastity fetish. And then VWHOOMP. New fetish alert. Now, I'm probably as into it as he is.

And I like it for practical reasons as well as sexy ones. Chastity is something I can do that doesn't wear me out. Chastity is something I can do even when I'm going through asexual phases. Chastity makes me feel even more secure in our relationship.

Chastity is pretty awesome. I can't wait to get the new cage onto the boy and start threatening to throw away the key, heh. (I've promised that I won't lock him up permanently... while we're in our twenties. I'll think about it again maybe when we're in our fifties. ;))

UPDATE 25/8/2011: I've written an update on the bird cage chastity device, and its pros and cons. You can find that post here: http://diaryofaleatherman.blogspot.com/2011/08/bird-cage-chastity-updates.html

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Enormous Sunday!

Less philosophizing, more about real life, yes?

So on Sunday I had a couple of awesome photographers come around and a bunch of models, and we set to work pulling together something of a portfolio of my ropework for my up and coming website. We did some portrait shots before we got started (and thus before I got all redfaced and sweaty) and then I set about tying folks up.

I tied up I think about seven people that day, and was thoroughly exhausted after it all. I was frustrated we didn't have the time and/or energy to keep going, actually, I had so many great ideas.

But, there will be more, which is great. Because if nothing else I need more male models (I only got around to tying up one of the two men who came around for photos).

What does make me happy is the wide variety of women I tied up, all their different body shapes and styles and personalities. I get tired of a lot of bondage photos all featuring very similar bodies and types of women. Rope is fun for everyone, and everyone should feel represented. (So on that note, if you're an awesome freak and want to get tied up and have pictures taken, contact me :P).

One thing that was interesting and fun is that tying for photos is so completely different to tying for sensation or tying for suspension. You have to be a lot more aware of loose ends and symmetry and all sorts of things. It's a really fun challenge.

A lovely woman has offered me a space with a suspension point to use for more photo shenanigans, so there will definitely be another photo day. And that makes me hella happy, because spending all day playing with rope is pretty ace.