Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Things Polish Old Things

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me!  I ran a BDSM101 workshop for Melbourne University's Rad Sex & Consent Week, and it was tremendous fun.

One of the things that it reminded me is that the best thing you can do if you are any kind of experienced in anything, is to spend time with newbies and teach people.  Not just because you're helping out other people (although that's certainly a good reason to do it as well!) but because it reminds you how exciting everything is.

Because nothing makes you remember how much fun everything is like watching people's eyes light up as you discuss it.  Watching someone get really excited over something that you've been ignoring for a while because you moved on past it is a good way to remember that actually, that thing?  Is really fun and exciting!  I haven't played with wax or ice or so many things in so long because I just don't think about them any more, but after running that workshop I'm reminded that they are all very fun things and I should do them more.

It was so much fun and it reminded me how much I love teaching, and how much I love engaging with people.  It was very needed, and it was a good kick in the butt to get back to work on my website and organizing some more workshops in the coming months.

In other news, because I've been so busy I haven't been running my household very efficiently.  So that's another thing I need to put more effort into.

It's something I am working on improving - well, it's the kind of thing I'm ALWAYS working on improving, but as I spend more time with serina I am finding I am having both the motivation and the time/energy/etc to actually put things into motion.  I suspect it will become easier as we continue seeing each other, as I will be able to delegate more and run things more smoothly and efficiently.

Serina has been having a good effect on my relationship with boy - this is something you don't see talked about very much, as it's often considered a "bad" thing, but I don't think it is.  Having NRE with one person means I am more excited about spending time with my longterm partner as well.  It's like I was saying about teaching - spending time with new people makes the old people seem exciting all over again.  This applies to teaching, to projects, to relationships, I suspect it's something that applies to a lot of things in life.

It's been good for boy too because it has meant I have been more strict with him, which is good.  I frequently am too lenient, especially when I am or he is stressed.  The problem is that I think I internalized the golden rule a little too well - I treat people how I would like to be treated, but that's not actually the right thing to do.  What you should do is treat people how THEY would like to be treated.

However as good as it is that I am starting to think about running my household in new ways and trying to put them into motion, doesn't mean that my house isn't a complete train wreck right now.  Sigh.  Oh well, only thing to do is try and get through all the stuff that needs doing before we can settle into any kind of routine.

What I'm trying to be careful of, as well, is making sure I don't overdo things and hurt my health.  I have a habit of doing that when I get enthusiastic about things :/

Basically, things are good and hectic and I am excited for the future.  :)

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