Friday, August 10, 2012


Long time no blog, sorry about that!  I've been either extremely busy or extremely sick the last little while.

Things have been hectic at home, but rather than blather about everything and nothing, I'll focus on something specific.

For a while now I'd been feeling like pet had been giving me mixed signals about her presentation.  On one hand we had negotiated that I didn't control her presentation aside from her hair, although I had a certain degree of control over her when she was in my presence.  On the other hand, she had been asking me to help her shop for clothes and help her achieve a new look that she felt unable to motivate herself to do on her own.  All up I was feeling very confused.

We had a good talk about it yesterday and it was cleared up a lot.  As of yesterday I now have the authority to dictate what pet wears whenever she is in my presence.

This is still going to be somewhat complicated for me, because of - surprise! - money!  I don't control pet's income, and unfortunately I am no Christian Grey and thus do not have billions of dollars to spend on my submissives.  So pet will be the one buying her new clothes, but I have some authority over them.  The way we are working it is that I will know her budget and make shopping carts on sites with clothes I like, and she will remove ones she is heavily against, and will then buy them.  I don't know if this will work perfectly but I'm sure it will work okay for now.

In many ways I wish we could fastforward to the future where I DO control pet's money and have total control over her appearance.  Then I will feel much more confident about all this.

Until then, however, it's about compromise.

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