Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Cage Adventures

Sorry I've been absent, I had a very good friend visiting from interstate and have been busy paying attention to him. :-)

While he was here, we shared in a moment that amused us both. We were sitting on my couch, discussing all kinds of things, and sharing a delicious lunch of bagels and things. The boy was naked and in the cage - by his own volition, perhaps I should add.

Sitting, talking with my friend, I pulled apart pieces of bagel, dipped them in hummus and slipped them into the boy's mouth between the metal bars. It was a very natural movement.

After a few pieces, I paused and chuckled quietly to myself.

"There are moments," I say to my friend, "where I realize how strange my life would be to most people."

"I was just thinking that," he replied. "Not many people have naked boys in cages in their living rooms."

Perhaps they don't. But that is their loss.

The boy is in the cage again presently - locked in, as a matter of fact, for the next 36 hours (with the exception of supervised toilet breaks, of course). This is happening because I made a joke that he would get bored if he was in the cage for a day or two - he disagreed. (Are you noticing a pattern? I do believe this is how he ended up spending the night in there last time!)

At the beginning, I felt certain I would lose - he seems so happy in the cage that I am pleased this bet did not have any money attached. But a few hours in, and while he may not be bored yet I suspect another full day and a half of this may prove me victorious. We will see.

I asked him a few minutes ago how he is going, since I have a couple of friends online who want updates. His response was a big, cheerful smile that only boys know how to give, and a happy exclamation of "NICE!".

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  1. This may seem like a strange response, but I think that story is adorable! The "NICE!" at the end just made me grin!