Friday, October 16, 2009

A Nice Warm Cup of "Sir, Yes Sir!"

Hello, blogosphere!

I am your friendly neighbourhood Leatherman, beginning a blog about my life as a Leather Sir.

I have started this blog for a few reasons, but one of the largest reasons is that there are not many blogs out there written from a Dominant perspective. There are plenty of blogs from submissives and slaves, but not many Doms, Sirs or Masters - and what few there are, they seem to almost entirely be from a heterosexual perspective.

So I am here offering my own perspective - that of a queer, polyamorous Leather man. A man for whom D/s is not always sexual, a man for whom D/s is as variable as the people who take part in it, a man who plays and loves men, women and all those in between and outside.

Another reason is that this blog will be an excellent resource for my partners, both present and future. Many Dominants ask their submissives or slaves to keep diaries that they can read, so they frequently know what their s type is thinking about and feeling. This is an excellent idea, and I see no reason why it would not be useful for submissives to have something similar.

I feel like now is a good time in my life to begin this blog. I have approximately eight years of "experience" under my belt at this point, having accepted that this is my orientation and preferred lifestyle and working towards building my dream life. I have had enough relationships to know what I do and don't want and need, and the relationships that I am in now are both at exciting turning points that will be interesting to both write and read about.

So here I am - a young Leather Sir with a kinky-boyfriend-of-two-years about to become my officially collared boy, and a newly collared girl. All I need is a talking dog and I can go on some of the best adventures ever.

In case you're wondering about the title of this post... it was the runner up for what I was thinking of calling my blog. I realized it was much too long, however, thus settling on the much more boring "Diary of a Leatherman" instead. :)

Next Post: What Leather Means to Me.


  1. Sounds awesome so far! Looking forward to the next installment? Mind being linked too from my website? :)


  2. *grin* Thankyou for starting this, Looking forward to reading more. As Above, mind if I add to you from my blog?


  3. Just echoing the first two comments - thanks for starting (good writing BTW) and I look forward to more posts. Also, I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  4. @JNgaio Of course, please do! :) Once I figure out what the hell I'm doing, I'll probably link back.

    @Hunter Thank you :) Yes, please do add, once I've figured things out I'll be returning the favour.

    @ConsensualSlave And again, thank you! And I will be returning the favour :)

  5. Sweet! Consider yourself linked. No need to link back if it doesn't fit into the feel of this webspace, however, I just wanted to link to you so I be all like "Look how awesome he is!"