Monday, May 10, 2010

Spoilt Rotten

I'm a spoiler. I spoil little girls and boys absolutely rotten.

It grew very easily - a little too easily - out of simply being a very nurturing person. I always have been and I always will be. I doubt I will ever be the sort of stern, strict dominant who makes their slaves' lives exciting sorts of hell.

Instead I prefer to nurture, to cuddle, to love and help grow. I discipline, yes, and I set structure and rules, and I even punish when it's called for. But deep down, I simply adore giving subs cuddles and presents and making dinner for them.

This is also why I prefer obedient submissives over the bratty type that love to be 'forced' to do things. I don't want to 'force' if I don't have to, I'd rather ask (or gently command) and then reward profusely.

It has it's drawbacks - sometimes I literally spoil rotten, and need to cut back on my leniency. Sometimes I need to remind myself that subs are a bit like puppies - you can spoil them, yes, but if you give a little too far they will jump all over you and you will no longer be in charge. Fortunately, I'm very much a dog person and am quite good at training them ;)

But at the end of the day, I like being a spoiler. There's nothing I love more than the squeals of delight when a submissive is given a special treat.

This post bought to you by a princess saying she'd like a plush toy or a pony, and me deciding that I would just give her both.

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