Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving is such a hassle.

I don't have much of anything particularly interesting to blog about right now, my life is a steady stream of packing, moving, organizing, and eating takeaway.

Let's turn our eyes to the near future so that I do have something to talk about.

One of the conditions of me moving in with my boy was that we would get a house with at least three bedrooms. There are a few very boring reasons for this, but the great part of this condition is that it means we will have a dungeon/play room.

It will also have a spare bed in it so it will also double as crash space for when people come over. Fortunately we don't have any friends (that I know of) who aren't aware of our lifestyle, so we don't need to go into the closet about anything. The only slight exception is the boy's family, should they come over, we'll just shut the door and say it's the storage room and it's full of crap.

I'm quite looking forward to this for a multitude of reasons. One, what kinkster doesn't want their very own play room in their home? Two, it means I'll probably get a chance to build some more dungeon furniture that previously I haven't had the room for. At present we already own a St Andrews Cross that I built, and a large dog cage (that I bought off ebay). I'm not sure what the next item will be, it will depend on the room I suppose, but I'm looking forward to figuring it out :)

I'm also liking the idea of having outdoor furniture. We're also planning to have a place with a back yard, and I'd like to think of the back yard as another room of the house. If the fences aren't high enough we'll put up some temporary ones. Then, as well as the regular stuff like a bbq and an outdoor dining set, we can pop a couple of fun items of furniture out there as well.

As with all my reasoning for most of my decorating, it will be great for parties :)

I'm hoping to have more interesting things to blog about soon, dear internets. Perhaps next time I'll blog about something a little more theoretical and thought-provoking than just my kinky decorating plans.

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