Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a month.

My dear readers, if you exist that is, I apologise for disappearing for the last month.

I wish I could explain why, but the truth is that I would have to write a list of all the horrible things that have happened in the last month, and you wouldn't believe it anyway.

Suffice to say there were several crises, and things are definitely looking up now.

In the coming month or two, I will be moving house, which will hopefully not be much of a drama, but may also mean a post every couple of weeks instead of once a week-ish. But I will say, I have lots of things to tell you. So look forward to that.

Presently the boy is asleep in his bed, snoring softly away. I guess this blog has come to mean more to me already than I expected, because I feel very at home, typing away here as he does so.

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