Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's a Girl!


I've been seeing this charming girl for a couple of months now. She is fiery and loud and a spoilt princess, and I rather adore her. She's been asking for a little while if she could call me Daddy, and I've had to think about it.

I've had to think about it because I'm coming from a certain culture that has certain ideas about what that label means. I don't think that the dynamic between her and I necessarily fits into that culture, so it means I have to wiggle my head around a little bit to figure things out.

Nonetheless, I am a brave adventurer and I am willing to figure things out as they go. I don't need to fit myself or my life entirely into any one culture or compartment, so I'm happy to see what forms and where it goes.

(Incidentally, I recently heard the phrase "old guard, new guard, and avant-garde" in regards to Leather and it amused me greatly, and I'm wondering if I should/could perhaps identify that way... but it would probably confuse people, so I'll stick with New Leather.)

At any rate, after some very awkward conversation (both of us seem to think and discuss in rather vague and/or abstract terms) I agreed that she could call me Daddy, and then bought her a leather strap to wear about her neck. We still have a few things to discuss, but they can wait until they come up and can be discussed in more practical, concrete ways.

My boy is very excited for me and is already pestering me about when she's coming around for dinner sometime so he can get to know her better. I'm very blessed to have such a sweet boy.

So, that's the news. I'm a Daddy again (still?), and it's a girl.

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