Friday, July 9, 2010

Vampire Gloves

You know, for a blog that's supposedly about my everyday life, I don't seem to write much about my everyday life, do I?

Well, let's talk about a play party I went to recently.

A friend of mine gave me loan of his vampire gloves for the evening, he wanted them to be taken out and shown some love. So I had a shiny new toy to play with.

Once there, I really was just playing about with the gloves a little, testing the sensations out on myself and my boy.

Then, magic.

Vampire gloves are clearly made of bondage fairy dust, because women started taking their shirts off, thrusting their bodies on front of me and asking to be touched. Being a terribly considerate person, of course I fulfilled all such requests.

These gloves are wonderful. With very light pressure, the sensation is rather like a very intense tickle. With a little more pressure, they become delicious scratchy tools of pleasure. Once you've stopped, the skin you've been playing with glows red and is extremely warm, which is pleasant enough on its own and even more so if you add some ice to cool it back down.

One lady stood in front of me, and when I asked if she needed to sit she claimed to have "very strong footwork". I took this as a challenge. She writhed and moaned and stood her ground perfectly well as I left scratches all over her chest, however I have a secret weapon. I pushed her arms up in the air and drew the gloves along her tender upper forearm, down to her armpit. Of course this made her giggle and lose her footing :)

The next day she apparently had a delightful sting from a hot shower over her skin.

Now, a while back I promised a princess a pony ride, so also at this party I geared up my boy as a pony and took him for a little walk to see his pony steps.

Oh dear, we really should have done some training beforehand.

The boy definitely needs pony training, but he was fine for one night of rides. So he took not one, but two princesses for a ride, and was then very tired at the end of it. I'm sure with some training he'll be an excellent pony for little girls to ride on, and pony training is definitely being added to the list of things I need to do with him.

The main thing the boy needs training in regard to is both finding his pony headspace (which is something all humanimal players need to find in the beginning) and also his gait. Both of these can be worked on with time and care and lots and lots of play.

It was a really excellent night, I love the Melbourne BDSM community and our events. It's always fantastic fun.

Incidentally, I have also ordered myself my own pair of vampire gloves now. The pleasure they bring to both myself and those I touch while wearing them was certainly worth a little indulgence in my bank account.


  1. i must find some of these gloves...

  2. May I suggest for your next intense play scene. Unlike the leather vampire gloves, Love Bites are washable are reusable, so you are not passing DNA over to the next lucky girl.