Sunday, July 22, 2012

3am musings.

It is nearly 3am and it's been a while since I did just a good, generic update.

I am slowly - s l o w l y - getting accustomed to pet being here.  At this very moment she is in the cage in the living room, I know not if she's asleep yet or if she's still getting there, but either way she is quiet and in 'bed'. Boy is also in bed, in his room of course.

Pet is here about four or five days a week at the moment.  It's... interesting.  I enjoy having her here, but I also enjoy having space from her.  Things are very healthy between us for me, in that sense.  I know many people go straight from "dating" (or "under consideration") to moving in, 24/7 TPE and so on within a month or two, but I am not that sort of person.  Heck, it took years for me to agree to move in with boy!  I need space to think and feel and be self aware about my life.

Regardless, I am getting used to her being here.  Right now I still feel relaxed, though I am sharing the living room with her.  Not as relaxed as I would if she were in another room, but still, I am okay.

Pet very much prefers to sleep in the living room.  She feels lonely very easily and she likes to feel a part of the house.  I think that's a very nice thing for a slave to feel.  At first I wasn't sure I could deal with it (I like having the living room to myself in the wee hours), but I am doing okay.  There is something very potent about knowing your submissive is on hand and accessible at all times.  The downside is that it eliminates a lot of things I usually do to entertain myself in the wee hours, because they make a fair amount of noise.

I am noticing that I miss boy more these days than I did before.  Pet only works two days a week, whereas boy works full time, so generally speaking it feels like I spend more time with her than I get with boy, and I don't really like that.  I feel like I miss him a lot right now.  I need to find a way to feel more connected to him - we already have a weekly 'date night', but perhaps we need to take that more seriously and look at our daily routines as well.  I know I've started really appreciating bedtime, because regardless of who goes to bed first (usually him), the other goes and 'tucks them in', and we cuddle and we have a short talk before saying goodnight.  I'm glad that at least no matter how busy life is, we get those few minutes every day.

In general, things are going well, though I do seem to live in a constant state of feeling rushed these days.  There is always something demanding my attention.  Perhaps I need to make sure to schedule alone time a little more carefully, rather than just accepting it whenever it comes along.

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