Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Erotic Hypnosis

Hey, I'm actually going to talk about play!  I bet you forgot that I actually do that sometimes.  ;P

So, boy has always had an interest in hypnosis.  It's not been something I'm particularly into, but the easiest way to give me a kink is to show me someone who has it.  I'm easily converted.  (Seriously, I went to a workshop on a topic that was a soft limit for me and came out desperate to start doing it.  I'm that easily converted.)

Anyway.  We went to a workshop on erotic hypnosis a couple of years ago now, and I learned a lot.  But we never got around to playing with it for a lot of reasons, the main one I think being that I just wasn't ready yet.

But we've been talking and I've been reading and researching and so we are getting ready to give it a go.  We did a small session tonight, just a sort of pick me up scene for me to test the induction process I'd come up with for him to see how it worked and see how we felt and all that sort of thing.

It went well.  I need to make some changes to the induction (for starters I need to make it twice as long) but it was a good start.

I do start getting a bit lost with what to do WITH hypnosis though, you know?  Boy already does whatever I tell him to do.  And I'm already a big fan of conditioning and use that.  Hypnosis, from what I can tell, is basically just a combination of those things.

But!  I am not one to sneeze at a new kink to play with.  Plus I have talked with boy about his fantasies about hypnosis and some of them are realistic, so we will have a go.

I'll let you know if I get any fun results.  :)

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