Monday, March 4, 2013

Generic Update

Nothing of particular importance to blog about right now, so some general "here's what's going on" sort of updates.

Boy and I are well.  I've noticed I've been talking about him less on this blog, and I'd like to reassure you that that's not a cause for concern. We've been together long enough now that there's not many surprises, and day to day stuff is just puttering along quite well.

He's very busy and so am I lately, and that's another reason there isn't much to talk about.  We're trying to get our shit together to make moving house in a month or two easier.

Things with pet are going well also.  We have been looking over our relationship and where it goes from here, and I am starting to put some thought into the practical aspects of moving from D/s to M/s, as that's a step we're looking to take fairly soon.  "Soon" in this case means anywhere from three months to a year - we don't have an exact timeline right now and that suits me fine.  We will talk about a firm timeline once a few headaches are out of the way - such as aforementioned me and boy moving house.

Since the move to M/s will include a lot of big changes, it needs a lot of thinking about and preparation.  I will be taking full responsibility for pet, including her living situation (she'll move in with boy and me), her money, her lifestyle, everything.  As it stands, I have the OPTION of enforcing control on many aspects of her life that I simply choose not to, but because it is optional it is not a responsibility.  Since moving to M/s involves shifting a lot of things from being allowed to control something to being responsible to control everything, that requires a lot of careful thought and preparation from me.

There's a lot of talk on the internet about preparing for slavery from the bottom side of the equation - being ready to give up on freedoms in things you like as well as the ones you don't, for example - but there's not enough talk about the preparations for the Master, when it comes to Ms.

Planning living arrangements for your slave - where will they sleep, what will they eat, basic things like that.  Planning financial arrangements for your slave - do they get pocket money, where do you allocate their resources for the good of the slave and the household, making sure there's an "escape fund" put aside for them, things like that.  Planning lifestyle arrangements for your slave - handling their study or career, their chores around the house, their social calendar.  Planning healthcare for your slave - making sure you're familiar and knowledgeable about their medical conditions and what they entail, planning health insurance (if you're unfortunate enough to live in America or another country without universal healthcare).

The thing is, one of the attractions of slavery is not having to worry about these things.  The slave can trust their Master to take care of them.  But that means, as a Master, that you need to be prepared to do that.

Mastery is paperwork.  More paperwork than you'd think.

So that's what I've been doing when it comes to pet, recently.  Thinking about the paperwork.  :)

I also have an interesting meeting coming soon with someone I may be taking on as a protege.  That's in a bit less than a week.  I'll keep you updated.

So things are good for me at the moment.  Busy and hectic and a little bit stressful, and not kinky enough, but good.  :)

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  1. Hey! The concept of the "escape fund" is interesting. Is it yours? Where did you take it from? Cheers from Italy, man!