Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Does the Cooking?

A common assumption in D/s and M/s groups on Fetlife is that the sub/slave does all the cooking and cleaning.

Me and the boy don't do that. The boy certainly does do all the cleaning (as much as I'd like to say he does "most" of the cleaning, the truth is that he does it all, and he does it all with excellence - the hyperbole and a half comic "clean ALL THE THINGS" applies to him frequently) but cooking is MY ARENA.

I really enjoy cooking. It's meditation for me, and it feeds both people's tummies and my own desire to nurture the living hell out of everyone. Plus, I am good at it.

I don't find cooking to be an innately submissive act, as it is sometimes discussed as. In my case, how could it be? I am literally controlling the food that nurtures my subs. I generally have the control over the shopping list as well, the authority is mine.

You know that old trope of a mother in the kitchen, waving the wooden spoon because her kids are getting under foot, so she chases them out? That's me.

The phrase "get out of my kitchen" is occasionally barked. If I am asked "how can I help?" I tell them "sit there and look pretty".

The kitchen is MY place.

... At least until washing up time, then it's my sub's place.

(I'm quite turned on by the idea of a sub chained in the kitchen to do the cleaning... but the practicality always bugs me; what if I want to cook while they're in there? They'll be in the way!)

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  1. *grin* I so agree. We share as well.

    I am always amused by how many dominants are horrified by the fact I get up first and make my sub partner coffee in the morning ... no no, they cry, I should lie in bed and be waited on. Not in my household, thank you, unless I want the entire day in bed. My partner's ADD means he WILL NOT stir until early afternoon unless I pour coffee down him!